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We finally escaped the boatyard and when the boat is ready, we'll make the first leg of the trip from Beaufort to Wilmington.


We have truly been blessed during the preparation for this trip.  God has brought so many helpful people into our lives and there have been so many cases where He has supplied our needs, sometimes before we even knew that we had a need.


Special thanks to Sherry!!!  And thanks to all of our friends in the boatyard - Fred (both of them), Nicoline, Sergio, Jim, Mack, Camp, Jim and all the others who offered advice and tools that helped us along.  



Enjoy the ride!



Left Beaufort, NC on January 20, 2006


Returned to Beaufort, NC on April 16, 2006


Beaufort, NC to Southport, NC


Southport, NC to Charleston, SC


Charleston, SC to Beaufort, SC


Beaufort, SC to St. Augustine, FL


St. Augustine, FL to Ft. Pierce, FL


Ft. Pierce, FL to Miami, FL


Miami, FL


Miami, FL to Nassau, Bahamas


Nassau to Allan's Cay

Highborne Cay


Shroud Cay

Exuma Land and Sea Park


Staniel Cay


Black Point Settlement


Little Farmer's Cay


Musha Cay




The Great Exuma Scooter Adventure


Georgetown Surprise

Weathered in at Georgetown


The Journey Home, Part I


The Journey Home, Part II


The Journey Home, Part III


Beaufort, NC to Southport, NC

Docked at Atlantic Beach, getting the boat ready for the trip

We haven't seen the boat like this for a while

You can imagine that there are slightly fewer than one million things to do

Mike goes up the mast to check out all of the rigging and electronics at the top

Check out those pretty solar panels

Paul and Susan came by to watch

Sailing out to Cape Lookout - We plan to leave from there early in the morning

Now this is MUCH BETTER!!!

The Cape Lookout lighthouse in our sites

The route to Southport, NC - Offshore 67 miles to Masonboro Inlet, then 20 miles down the Cape Fear River to Southport

Taken at approximately 4am - We left Cape Lookout at about 2am and headed for Wilmington.  Mike took the first watch and Kate slept in the cockpit.  Notice that she's still clipped in, even while sleeping

The view

We're on the way South

Otto the Autopilot did a great job - Click here to see a video of Otto in action

The sun is just starting to rise

We stayed clipped in the whole time while offshore

The sailing sheik

The seas got really calm at dawn

2 Chill

Masonboro Inlet, here we come

Surfers paddling over to Masonboro - This brought back some fond memories for Mike.  He's made this same paddle before.

Anchored behind Wrightsville Beach - It's time for a photo shoot from the dinghy

Underway the next morning, heading down the Cape Fear river for Southport, where we'll look for a weather window to sail offshore to Charleston, or further if wind/seas cooperate

Kate steered and navigated almost the whole way while Mike worked down below

Pics from Southport, NC

More work on the boat? - Thank you Sir, may I have another

Getting the dinghy properly outfitted

Container ship entering the Cape Fear River - Now, how could a container fall off of that 5 story stack???

The view of the Oak Island Lighthouse from our FREE slip in Southport

This is the RailLight - Charges all day, shines all night - See the solar panel and photo sensor on the top.  This thing is pretty good for a nice light in the cockpit every night.

The  Bald Head Island Ferry

This tree was supposedly an old Indian signpost - It was manually bent over into the ground as it grew to mark a trail

They say that in the early days of Southport, children could easily crawl underneath the arch that the tree makes

It is now honored with a central location in one of Southport's public parks

Historic Pilot's Tower - Used in the Civil War to pilot Blockade Runners through Frying Pan Shoals at the mouth of the Cape Fear River

Home of one of Southport's most famous Civil War Pilots - Southport was originally called Smithfield

Taken from the boat

Our neighbor - BOOGER

Tomorrow with the Oak Island Lighthouse in the background

Preparing for the next offshore leg, which is likely to be rough

Kate organizing the provisions and making notes about where things are stored

Strap everything down

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