Ft. Pierce, FL to Miami, FL

In our anchorage in Ft. Pierce, we had a pod of dolphins feeding all around the boat

After we made it into Ft. Pierce, we headed to a marina to take on fuel and water, then we motored to an anchorage and dropped the hook for a good night of sleep.  The next few days of weather looked like we wouldn't be able to get back on the outside for 3 or 4 days.  So, we did some figuring and found out that we could probably make it to Miami in 3 days of motoring down the ICW.  The next day, we revved Perky up and pointed the bow South again, this time though, we were in the relative safety of the ICW.  The scenery is nice, and even though it takes longer to make miles than an offshore passage, we always seem to have a good time doing it.

Red to starboard, green to port and don't hit anything.  Got it.


The weather was threatening to turn ugly

Kate retreats to the warmth and dryness of the boat

The wind had picked up a lot (notice the palm trees swaying), one of the many mansions on the ICW, near Jupiter, Florida

This pelican was sitting precariously on a small branch - Nice balance

A beautiful golf course in North Palm Beach

Capt. Mikey

We passed million dollar mansion after million dollar mansion

The guide on the Manatee Queen pointed out Tiger Woods mansion for us, Unbelievable!@#


Nice bush

Mangrove trees have an incredible root system 

Their smaller boat was called "Don't give a crap"

We made it to our anchorage in Hobe Sound just before a big thunderstorm hit

This guy fished the whole way through the thunderstorm - Quitters never win.

It poured buckets all night.  We found out we had a few leaks.  We never did before!

Of the numerous mansions we saw, there was no activity on the grounds at all, we had a private tour.

The lighthouse at Jupiter Inlet


A very fancy Yacht Club

Not too many of the mansions had swing sets

Going under one of the 30 some bridges

The tree has taken over

Tiki Hut

A cruise ship near West Palm Beach.  This boat is later put to shame by the Princess Cruise Ship.

A very sleek catamaran

We saw this yacht while waiting for a bridge opening.  Check out the black clouds.  They brought on a squall just as the bridge finally opened up for us.  The wind gusted up to 40mph and we almost had to go through the bridge sideways.  This was the beginning of storms and downpour for the entire day. 

Looks like I'm gonna get wet

Another draw bridge - We went through 38 draw bridges in 3 days

I love getting rained on, you can't see the sideways rain, but it was there!

The storm is building

Notice damage from the hurricanes on the balcony.  This was very common.  Mike said that he could always start a roofing company in Florida, if all else fails.

Now it's really coming down - Life is good

Kate is warm and dry - Life is good

I'm glad it's not me out there

This house did not even fit in the shot.  On the other side of the house is the ocean.  The best of both worlds.

Notice the plywood

Lot's of roof damage

Probably Rush Limbaugh's place.  West Palm Beach


One of the nicest draw bridges we came across

The neoprene gloves and booties have come out - Now Mike's getting serious about having fun in the rain

Another mansion that doesn't fit in the picture

This one's for Mike's Mom

This yacht traveled behind us most of the day and finally caught enough bridges to pass us.

The results of 5 hours of standing in the rain - a little pruny

The sunset at our anchorage north a Ft. Lauderdale - Lettuce Lake

The chef at work

Day 3 - Lettuce Lake to Coconut Grove

We left very early to catch bridges "on request".  The water was like glass..

We were up and slipping through draw bridges at daybreak

What a dump!

The mirror reflection makes for great pictures!

The Water Buses

Ft. Lauderdale is one of the yacht capitals of the world

Probably 10-15million

After being in the boatyard for 5 months with a 34 foot boat, we have no desire to have anything much bigger

We probably won't see any of these owners in the boatyard

The houses were amazing and so was the amount of trash floating in the ICW

Princess Cruise Ship in Port Everglades

Port Everglades

Miami, Fl

Bayside Marina Miami, Fl





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