Weathered in at Georgetown

After Mike's Mom and Dad left on a Wednesday evening, the blow started.  The winds picked up and have stayed at 20+ knots for about 10 days.  We can't take the risk of damaging our boat as we are on our way home, so we have been waiting for a break in the weather to start the trip home.  In the mean time we have found some great hiking trails, taken many an exploration trip in the dink, met some great friends, baked fresh bread and read a whole gaggle of good nautical books we got from the library here in Georgetown.  We have also been able to find a wireless internet connection that we can pick up from the cockpit of the boat.  As a result, we've been able to be on the internet without having to dinghy into town, and it's been a lot easier to get things done, so we've done a lot of business while we've been here.  But, there's only so much we can do from 1,000 miles away, so it is time to get back to Beaufort for the upcoming season.  We have had such a great time and have realized so much how all of that time in the boatyard paid off!  God has guided us here and we hope to return just as safely.  We will never forget this journey or the people we have met along the way.  It has been very rewarding to be able to share this experience with so many people back home through the website.  We hope you've all enjoyed it!

But Wait!

It's not over yet, we still have to move the boat almost 1,000 sea miles back to Beaufort before we can count our chickens.  Wish us luck!

A "potcake" or Bahamian dog, looking for his lunch, they are great fishers

Potcake on a sandbar looking for clams etc..

A house on Stocking Island

The house looked pretty active with a lot of boaters around

A private home in the traditional pink

Another private home set up with solar panels

Beach House on Stocking Island

A trail over to Exuma Sound from Elizabeth Harbor

The beach on the Exuma Sound side of Stocking Island

We got some great books at the local library in Georgetown

Gaff rigged sailboat raising it's sails, they have no motor on purpose!

Gaff rigged sailboat makingway

Some crazy jellyfish that was right next to Mike's leg as he pushed the dinghy off of the mud at low tide

50 cents

Assorted change

Kate out for a hike on Stocking Island

Mike hiking on Stocking Island

Casuarina tree

Palm trees on the trail to the Exuma Sound

Mike on the trail

The maritime forest was a lot like Shackleford banks in Beaufort

Kate next to a huge Sisal plant, it looks a lot like aloe.  These plants were used, and still are used to make rope.

The rocky Exuma Sound

A termite nest built around a tree stump

A shot of Elizabeth Harbor from the trail

The trails are maintained by a few cruisers,  Skip off of Eleanor M gave us a great trail map, thanks Skip!

There were so many beautiful overlooks

There were also lots of gnarly rocks

Mike & Kate at the top

The view of Elizabeth Harbor just off of Sand Dollar Beach

The rocks down below

Mike in the middle of a field of plants on top of one of the bluffs

This area looked like the surface of another planet, the limestone continually struck by the sea spray has eroded it away and made it very pointy and dangerous!

There were plants growing in this rock

This was the path less traveled

Mike on the lazy bench at one of the overlooks

Kate with her fan coral in her hand, always happy when shelling!

Elizabeth Harbor with a beautiful palm tree in the middle of Stocking Island

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