Georgetown, Southern Exumas

We left Musha Cay at about 6am for a 35 mile trip down to Georgetown.  We were very happy that we had waited out the heavy wind and seas, and were rewarded with an easy passage on a beautiful sunny day.  Soon after we engaged the autopilot, the fishing gear came out, and we dreamed of grilled Mahi for dinner.  We piloted the boat along the line where the Bahama Bank drops off into the Exuma Sound.  The Bank is rarely deeper than 30 ft, but when it drops off into the Sound, it goes really deep, down to three or four thousand feet.  But, alas, we only caught a small barracuda.  We arrived in Georgetown and dropped the hook at about 1pm, and began getting ready to go into town for provisioning.  We dropped the dinghy, put on the motor, and headed out to do some grocery shopping, make some phone calls, get an internet connection, and to generally check the place out.  Georgetown is the biggest of the towns in the Exumas, and is on the biggest island in the chain, Great Exuma.  The people here are nicer than any we've encountered, but what is really striking is the huge number of boats here, and we got here after the big Regatta, at which time we heard there were over 400 boats and that the dinghy dock had dinghys stacked up four deep all around it.  Now that we're here, it looks like there are maybe 250 boats, which still seems like a lot.  This place is really like a summer camp for grown ups.  There is a cruiser's net held every morning on VHF channel 72 on which anyone wishing to make an announcement can do so, and there are all kinds of organized activities, like daily volleyball games on Volleyball beach, yoga every morning at 9am, watercolor classes, bridge tournaments, potluck dinners, and all kinds of other things.  Some people just come straight here and stay for 3 or 4 months, never even bothering to go anywhere else.

I doubt we'll ever do that, but we'll enjoy some of the stuff while we're here.  Mostly we have to stay here until all of our pre-season business is taken care of back in Beaufort, and that can only be accomplished here where there are reliable internet and phone connections.  As soon as that is taken care of, we are thinking of heading east to some of the lesser known islands, before turning north for Eleuthera, the Abacos and back to the States.

Someone is pretty excited about fishing!

Kate told Mike he had to have a beer to catch a fish.  We learned that on a deep sea fishing trip years ago. It worked!

 Mike with the barracuda we caught. The water in Exuma Sound was a gorgeous dark blue.

This was not Barry, but one of his cousins.  He has many sharp teeth and Mike got to take the hook out.

[movie camera illustration] Click here to see video of catching the Barracuda

[movie camera illustration]

These are the fishing lines we were trolling on our way to Georgetown.  We tried to fish along the dropoff.

Finally in Georgetown, the furthest South we will travel.

The dinghy dock in Gergetown

You have to go under the rock bridge to get to the dinghy dock

Mike called the rock walls inside the tunnel, dinghy killers, they were very jagged.

Kate as we left Victoria Lake

Mike in the tunnel

Our first sunset in Georgetown

Miguel has been here!

Mike was locking up the dinghy as the waves were rocking and rolling in Georgetown on our second day

There are hundreds of cruising boats in the anchorage at Georgetown

Mike making some Jiffy pop.  We don't have a microwave so we do it the old fashioned way and it is great!

The kids at the public school in Georgetown.  The girls were hams - they would pose and wave to you.

St Andrew's Episcopal Church in Georgetown

The view from St. Andrew's

The church was on the highest hill in the area

The church is over 200 years old

The dinghy dock getting more crowded all the time

A Volkswagen van in Georgetown

Brings back memories eh??

The Cruiser's Regatta in Georgetown is one of the biggest attractions of the year. Starts the first week in March.

A cargo ship in the harbor at Georgetown

The Bahamas houseboat rentals were very nice and even had a slide on the back of the boat - For all of you out there who would like a really cool vacation, this seems like it would be great.  Kate and I looked over the boats ourselves, and they are really pretty nice, plus you get a little dinghy to go along with it so you can go off to the beach or snorkeling or whatever.

The pilings were decorated with sand dollars and braided line

Mike's new hammock

A dream come true - Nice arse

The fast cat car ferry leaving from Georgetown

We're just one of the many boats at anchor in Georgetown

Kate wearing her new shirt on St. Patrick's Day - Pinch proof

Mike getting some work done at lunch - We were able to get a wireless connection from the marina for only $5 a day

The marina in downtown Georgetown

A group of school kids were posing for a photo, so, of course we took one

Exuma Markets - The hub of cruising activity here in Georgetown

Mike likes to take impromptu photos

Going for lunch at Pedro's Conch Shack - The conch fritters and conch salad are so fresh that the conch is still squirming when they start to slice it up for you.  The guy on the right is cleaning the conch right there, and passing it to the guy at the counter to prepare it.  YUM!!!!

Mt. Pedro

The victims of Pedro

This is located on Volleyball Beach, the main hangout for the cruisers here.

This barracuda was circling around Mt. Pedro

This is how we usually scope out an area for snorkeling or for conch.  And it's fun!!

[movie camera illustration]

Click here to see how feels to be pulled behind the dink

[movie camera illustration]

A southern stingray - Mike jumped in the water and swam with him for several minutes

[movie camera illustration]

Click here to see video of Mike swimming with the stingray

[movie camera illustration]

Mike checking out a reef

We decided to hike up to the Monument at Monument Beach

Some trails were better than others.  We found tough ones and easy ones.

[movie camera illustration]

Click here to see video of Kate doing a little bushwhacking

[movie camera illustration]

On the other side of the island, we found the beach where sand merged into limestone, which merged into the ocean.  The colors were amazing.

We love each other

Ugghh Mike, you're gross!!!

I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean it, be nice to Mikey

We love each other again

This is a picture of the harbor taken from the ridgeline

Kate and the ocean side

Stocking Island - Harbor side on the left and ocean side on the right

The Peace and Plenty Beach Club where we started the hike

Monument, here we come

A little rest stop

This does not suck

We decided to detour down to the beach side for a little dip before continuing on to the Monument

Oh, yeah!

And, Shelly even got to come out and do her thing

Shelly in action

The view from the Monument - Pictures below taken from north to south

This area is where Volleyball Beach and Chat 'N Chill are located

Time for a photo shoot with the Monoument

Oh yeah, give me more...


That's good, perfect -- Now, give me SASSY!!!

PERFECT!! - That's a wrap everyone!

Kate and Elizabeth Harbor

Kate on the hike back down

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