Beaufort, SC to St. Augustine, FL


154 Miles Offshore



We weighed anchor at 7:45am, just in time to catch the ebb tide and ride it down the river, past Port Royal, and on down to the Port Royal Inlet.  We made way at 7+ knots.  That was fast!  We watched the dolphins in the river and soon rounded Hilton Head as we cruised out to sea. We passed Savannah in no time.  We made very good time and the wind started to pick up so we tried many sail configurations, soon we were making 7+ knots with the motor down to 1500 rpm's.  Kate made dinner just after sunset.  Our pressure cooker and percolator are our best friends.  A hot meal on the water is twice as good as at home.  We have been dressed in our cold weather gear which is invaluable because the temp's aren't bad ,but the breeze is chilly!  Still no fish, so we brought the lines in for the night, Kate didn't want to catch a shark while on watch.  Mike took the first watch and entertained himself with loud music, self photos and rum!  Kate took over at 1am.  The chart plotting software was not tracking and the GPS loses satellites occasionally so we did have the autopilot headed on a compass bearing instead of a route for a while.  There were a few freighters on our path as we passed Jacksonville, FL around 3am.  Mike took over the helm from 5am to 8am.  As we approached St. Augustine, we talked for a while and finally decided to keep heading south for Ponce Inlet.  But, after reconsidering the conditions and the extended amount of time it would take because of the conditions, (the waves were getting worse and the wind was right on our nose) we bailed out at St. Augustine around 9am.  We were anchored by 10am and pretty dirty, thirsty, hungry and tired.  Hot showers were first then coffee and oatmeal.  We decided to stay on the boat today and dinghy over to St. Augustine and go to Wal-Mart tomorrow.  We dinghy to the marina and they charge you daily, we also need to bathe Tomorrow and fuel up.  We should be heading off shore again Tuesday or Wednesday.  Miami here we come!!!       

Sunrise in Beaufort, SC

Port Royal, SC

Heading down the Beaufort River to the Port Royal Inlet

Ok, point the bow South and let's roll

Mike gets the whisker pole set up for downwind sailing

Kate uses the time during the passage to do a little metal polishing

Catchin' some rays on the bow

Mike only had one fishing lure, which just doesn't seem like enough, so he had to do some improvising for another

I wanna catch a feesh

Sunset on the way off the coast of Georgia

Nothing to do but have some fun with self photos

Hey, what's that over there?

Looks like a .....

Were gonna DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotcha !

Mike spent part of the night sitting on the bow

Sunrise off the coast of Northern Florida

Coming into the St. Augustine inlet

Castillo de San Marcos

Downtown St. Augustine

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