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The Road Diary

Number of US States:  32

Mileage:  14,324

Number of nights in Hotels:  1 (Not much camping in Vegas)

Number of Car Washes:  0


August 5, 2001

About one week away, and we're almost ready.  Still need to do a bunch of things, but it's on a list, so it'll get done eventually.

August 16, 2001

Location:  Washington, DC

The trip has started, and so far it's been great.  We made a stop in Raleigh, NC, Home of the Wolfpack! and it was CHUCKIN' Great (reference to the great NC State football coach, Chuck "The Chest" Amato.  

Wednesday morning, we drove into DC and met up with our buddy Milton, who has a sweet little bachelor pad in the heart of DC, in a part of town known as Adams Morgan.  The National Mall is about 2 miles away, so we're close to everything.  We are getting set to go tour the city on foot.  We're planning on doing the typical touristy stuff, and then meeting up with Milt a little later.

Hopefully we can put some pics on the site sometime tomorrow.

August 17, 2001

Location:  Washington, DC

Yesterday we biked into DC, and saw a ton of stuff.  We're both tired and have "saddle-soreness" today, but we sucked it up and rode back into town to see some more stuff.   Tons of thanks to Uncle Milty for shacking us up.  Thanks Milt! We hope to hang out again soon!!  Check out the pictures from yesterday and today by clicking HERE

August 19, 2001

Location:  New York, NY

We arrived on the outskirts of New York City on Friday night.  We're staying with a friend of Kate's from way back and her husband, Karen and JB Morris.   JB and Karen have been living and working in NYC for over 10 years, and they know the city like the back of their hands.   So, on Saturday, we took the Ferry from Hoboken, NJ into the city with JB and Karen as our Master Tour Guides.  We took the Staten Island Ferry, and saw/walked/criss-crossed the entire southern part of Manhattan.   Check out our pix from Saturday by clicking HERE

August 20, 2001

Location:  New York, NY

Yesterday, we took our bikes into the City on the train from Metuchin, NJ, where JB and Karen live.   We rode all through Central Park for about an hour, and then ventured into the city.  Riding in New York City is really a lot like riding single-track trails.  The roads are a little rough and there's not much room to ride, but the cabbies and buses do look out for you and give you your space.  It was actually a lot of fun, and we saw so much more of the city by biking it than we ever would have any other way.  Some of the places we checked out:  Central Park, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Broadway, and more.  Check out our pix from Sunday by clicking HERE

August 21, 2001

Location:  Boston, MA and Walden Pond, MA

We got into Boston from New York at about 7:30 pm or so, after fighting some really bad traffic in New York.  How do people do that everyday???  We got rear-ended on the New Jersey Turnpike, but there was no damage done, and we were in a ten mile stack of traffic, so all we could do was just get the guys info, and keep going towards Boston.  We stayed at the Irish Embassy Hostel in Downtown Boston in a room with one dude from Iran, a dude from Mexico, and a couple of mystery peeps.  They were all really nice, but staying in Boston was getting expensive, it would have cost us $26 a day just to park our car, and that was in a place that it easily could have gotten broken into.  So, to save money and because we were both getting tired of the concrete and dirt of the city, we decided to stay only one night in Boston, and head for the White Mountains a day early.  We got six or seven hours of sleep and blew out of the Hostel at 5:30AM to look around the area.   Downtown Boston was completely torn up by construction, so we decided to spend most of our time in Cambridge, just outside of Boston.  During the early morning hours we walked through the Harvard campus and all around this old, old area of town.  Dozens of beautiful, old churches and town buildings are scattered all over.   There are also a bunch of artsy-fartsy cafes and tea houses for the Harvard brains to gather and talk about, whatever they talk about.  We didn't go to any of those places.   Check out some pix by clicking HERE

We left Cambridge and headed for Walden Pond, MA where we spent the rest of the morning before heading north into Moose Country.  We both were anxious to get away from the city and the hordes of people and get into some Nature.

We took the road less traveled at Walden Pond.   We hiked to the backside of the Pond, away from the touristy crap, and worked our way down a steep slope to the edge of the water.  It is definitely a beautiful and peaceful place, with all kinds of interesting plants, both in the water and on the land.  We really enjoyed it.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

August 21 and 22, 2001

Location:  White Mountains National Forest, New Hampshire

This place is really indescribable.  Wildlife is everywhere, and there are signs of moose and bear everywhere.  By the way, we still think the plural of moose should be meese.  The plural of goose is geese, so what's up??  Anyway, we decided that we were on a moose hunt.  We looked for meese the whole time we were in New Hampshire and Vermont, but we never saw one, only meese prints in the mud.  We did, however, have a bear in our campground in the middle of the night, just two sites down from ours.  He walked right up to these people's cooler and opened it right up and started feasting.  They said they were banging pots and pans and yelling, but he just looked up for a second and went right back to eating.  Needless to say, we kept our food put up and kept our bear mace close at hand all night.   Check out some pix by clicking HERE

August 23 and 24, 2001

Location:  Green Mountains National Forest, Vermont

We camped here for two nights.  The only way to get to our campsite was by water, so we had to make three trips in the kayak to get everything over there that we needed (that cooler was really heavy!!)  But, once we got over there and settled in, it was great!  There was almost nobody else out there and we had the whole Pond and woods to ourselves.  We went out on the kayak to the far side of the Pond at 6:30AM on the second day to hunt for meese, but no luck again.  We did, however see a beaver out fishing.  He circled us 3 or 4 times, just checking us out before he dove underwater and went back into his lodge.  There were three beaver lodges and one dam in different parts of the Pond.  We have some great video of the beaver, we named him Harry.   The second day, we continued our hunt for meese by finding some locals who told us about a place called Shep's Pond where you could regularly see meese at dusk last year, sometimes a dozen at a time.  But, they said that this year there had not been many sightings there, probably due to the harsh winter they just had.  There had been 7-9 feet of snow on the ground in the Green Mountains, and they think that a lot of meese starved over the winter, so the numbers have dropped significantly.  We went to Shep's Pond, but found nothing but some tracks.  The tracks were pretty fresh, but we didn't see anything.  Oh well, we had a great time looking.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

August 25, 2001

Location:  Niagara Falls, NY and Buffalo, NY

We woke up at 6AM, packed up our campsite, kayaked everything out, and got on the road by 9:30 or 10AM heading for Niagara Falls.  We stopped by a few disc golf courses near Rochester and Grand Island, NY to put up some Flying Disc Hunter Flyers on the way.  We finally made it to Niagara Falls at 6PM and rushed to catch one of the last Maids of the Mist boats.  Kate had never seen the Falls and she was definitely impressed.   The Maids of the Mist boat is by far the best way to see the Falls, that is if you can shield your eyes from the powerful spray that comes off of the water.  We were amazed at how many people from other countries were there.  Niagara Falls is truly an International tourist destination.   One drawback of the Maids of the Mist, is the elevator ride back up, packed in with 30 other people, who are soaking wet.  The Foreign Funk was noticeable, to say the least.   But, they probably noticed ours' too, so I guess we were all even.  Sorry we don't have any still pix of the Falls, but you'll be able to see it on the video.  

We then hurried out of Niagara Falls, headed for a campground on the shores of Lake Erie, trying to get there as early as possible, but on the way, we decided that we had to stop in Buffalo to have some authentic Buffalo Wings.  We asked a Toll Booth operator (WE LOATHE TOLL ROADS!!!!) if he had any suggestions, and he pointed us towards a place called the Anchor Bar.  Come to find out, that the place is called Frank and Theresa's World Famous Anchor Bar, and that it is the place where Buffalo Wings were invented in 1964.  Talk about authentic!   Fifty wings and a pitcher of LaBatt's later, we were happy as pigs in slop, and almost as dirty.   Check out a Pic by Clicking HERE.  

We finally made it to our campsite at about 10:30PM.  We were tired, full and ready for some sleep, so we just threw up the tent and called it a night.  The campground sucked anyway, so there was really nothing to stay up for.  

August 26, 2001

Location:  On the way to Columbus, OH

 We're on the road to Columbus to see our friends John and Haithi.  Ti has a bun in the oven!!  

August 27-29, 2001

Location:  Cincinnati, OH

This is a rest stop for us, staying with Kate's parents in Cincinnati.  This is where we refuel and get ready for the West Coast.  It also proved to be a good time to get a bunch of work done.  Thanks for the generosity and hospitality Moppy and Poppy! 

August 30, 2001

Location:  Chicago, IL

We left Cincinnati at 8AM this morning heading straight to Wrigley Field to catch a 1:30pm Cubs-Marlins game.  Everything worked out great (we even got handed a free VIP parking pass which was beautiful, seeing that parking was $20), and we made the game by the first inning.  We got bleacher seats, which is where the real fans sit anyway.   Oh, and real fans they were, belching and all!  Sat right behind Sammy the whole game, and saw the Cubs come back to win on a 3-run, game-tieing, Fred McGriff homer, and a game-winning Solo HR in the bottom of the ninth!  Definitely good baseball.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

Went to a place that the SUPERFANS behind us at the Cubs game strongly recommended.  They all agreed just like you would think Chicagoans would, it was pretty funny.  The place is called Chicago Pizza Oven and Grinders, where they make supposedly the best Chicago Style Pizza in the city.  We can't really be the judges of that, but it was hella good.

Driving to St. Louis after all that, 6 hours away.   This calls for Coffee and Cold Pizza (you know we got a TO GO box)!

August 31, 2001

Location:  St. Louis, MO

Got into St. Louis at about 12:30 AM local time.  We're staying with a friend of ours, Jackie, and another buddy, Vince, flew out here from Charlotte to hang out as well.  After some sleep, we went right out to do the tourist thing.  The Gateway Arch is awesome.  Really you have to see it to believe how massive and impressive it is, and it's stainless steel which makes it extra beautiful when the sun hits it.  Then we did the Budweiser Brewery tour.  Now we know who's got all the money in the world.  WOW.  The tour is free, and so are the samples, so this is a great thing to do while you're in St. Louis.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 2, 2001

Location:  Denver, CO

The drive from St. Louis to Denver was long, but beautiful.   Check out some pix by clicking HERE 

We are staying with our friends Heather and Chef Bill who has fed us since the moment we arrived.  YUM!  

September 3, 2001

Location:  Denver, CO

The 1st day we hiked the Rockies.  There are no words to describe how enormous and beautiful this was.  The sky is the bluest we have ever seen.  We also drove up to 12,000ft. above sea level.  That was the first time we had ever been above the tree line.  We saw plenty of wildlife and waterfalls.  Then topped the day off with some wood fired pizza.  Our  favorite!   Check out some pix by clicking HERE  

September 4, 2001

Location:  Denver, CO

This day we went to all of the resort areas : Vail, Breckenridge, Arapahoe Basin, Keystone, Dillon and Frisco.  They were the coolest little mountain towns.  Very touristy, but beautiful.  We are thinking that we could live here for a few months in ski season it would be incredible!  We ended the day with a Rockies game.  We wound up in the front row on the third base line.  We only paid $1 for our tickets.  That was face value for the cheap seats, but of course, we snaked our way down as the game went on!  They beat the Dodgers and we had a great time.   We had more wood fired pizza.  Ouch!    Check out some pix by clicking HERE  

September 5, 2001

Location:  Denver, CO

Tab Benoit!!  Need we say more.  After missing Tab in Vail from a website error on his part, we made sure he would be at The Little Bear in Evergreen, Co.  He was there!  Better than ever and you know Kate had to talk his ear off!  We ended up being able to videotape the 2nd set and get on the guest list for the next night.  Not too shabby.  We know you're all dying to see the video.  We also went to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  It was gorgeous, but pales in comparison to Tab.  We are Chuckin' pumped about the upcoming shows! Check out Garden of the Gods by clicking HERE  Check out some pix from the Tab Benoit Shows by clicking HERE  

September 6, 2001

Location:  Denver, CO

Tab Benoit!!  We were on the  guest list!   Wow,  he was as good as ever.  We got a lot done on this day.  It was a lot of website work, laundry etc...   Much thanks to Heather and Bill for making our trip to Denver incredible!  We headed out after the Tab show to Wyoming.  Grand Tetons here we come. Check out some pix from the Tab Benoit Shows by clicking HERE  

September 7, 2001

Location:  Moose, Wyoming

We made it!  We are definitely in Moose country now.  We found a spot at Jenny Lake campground which is right at the base of the Grand Teton.  It was snowing and sleeting when we arrived, and very cold.  We checked out the lake and took a nap which was very necessary since Mike drove us here overnight from Denver.  Check out some Pix from the drive by clicking HERE.  The whole rest of the day was very wet!  At night it was down to 28 degrees.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 8, 2001

Location:  Grand Teton National Park, WY

We saw a couple of Buffalo and a female Moose this morning,  both from pretty far away.  We were still hopeful to find a Bull Moose, and thought the best way to hunt for one would be on the Snake River!  We scouted around and found out about kayaking the Snake River.  We asked the Rangers and they said it was very difficult.  They did not recommend beginner river runners to do this.  So we planned our trip.  We also checked into climbing the Grand Teton.  It's a two-day, guided trip to get to the top, sort of like climbing Everest, but without the ice and altitude sickness.  Maybe next year!  We have logged over 5,000 miles at this point!  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 9, 2001

Location:  Grand Teton National Park, WY  

We were up at 5:30 AM to begin our journey down the Snake River!  It was freezing!!  We had our boating permit ready to go, but we had to figure out a way to get back up river to the truck after we were done.  So we drove down 6 miles to drop off a mtn. bike where we would end up.  We drove back up to Jackson Lake Dam where we put in our kayak on the Snake River.  The dam was flowing so we had to put in 1000 yards down stream.  Mike paddled us along the river's edge where we saw tons of ducks and osprey.  There were bald eagle nesting sites and we saw a family of beavers swimming along near Cattleman's Bridge.  We heard all of the wildlife was at Oxbow bend so we had to keep a close eye on the map so we didn't miss the turn.  We paddled in and the water was not moving as swiftly there as we paddled around a bend Kate noticed enormous antlers behind the brush on one of the islands.  BULL MOOSE!!!!   We were so excited and almost nervous at the same time.  He was within 30 ft. of us feeding on the willows and grasses.  We only videotaped him, sorry no photos.  We were elated to finally find a Bull Moose he was enormous at least 9 ft. tall with his antlers.  There was no one anywhere near us, so we had the moment all to ourselves.  We hung around for half an hour trying to get better shots and then continued down the river.  When we got to Pacific Creek, Mike had to mtn. bike back up to get the truck, and almost got frostbite on his toes.  Later on we drove down to Teton Village and Jackson Hole.  We saw a Black bear cub on the way.  Jackson Hole was awesome and on the way back to Jenny Lake we saw the Mamma and her 2 cubs and snapped a great picture!  We also had deer in our campsite when we got back.  It was a great day for us and wildlife!  We love it.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 10, 2001

Location:  Yellowstone National Park, WY

We left Jenny Lake and headed for Yellowstone.  On our way out we came face to face with a Mama Moose and her twin calves!!  We have it on video it was the coolest thing we've seen so far and the scariest!!  Mike was only 10 feet away from the Mama, while Kate screamed and jumped into the truck.  Sorry, again we don't have any still photos for the website, so you'll all have to wait for the video.  (Mike was a little surprised and nervous, so the video might have a PG-13/R rating in that section - sorry Mom)  We entered Yellowstone and headed for Old Faithful.  As we were waiting for it to erupt we saw Beehive, another geyser, erupt that was even higher than Old Faithful.  We drove down to the Sapphire Pools in Biscuit Basin which were some of the hot springs.  We then headed up towards our campground past Yellowstone Lake (the world's largest lake above 7,000ft.)  The scenery was exquisite!  We saw herds of Bison and a large male Elk.   We set up camp at Tower Falls and headed down for a hike.  We drove and hiked around Tower Falls, Calcite Springs, Blacktail Creek Plateau and Mammoth Hot Springs.  Most of the springs were dormant.  The hot springs were located at the Park headquarters and the Elk were everywhere!!  Just hangin' out on the village lawns.  They were close!  We never got too close to wildlife.  Many people have been hurt from getting too close.  That night, we made some friends (and enemies)  at our campsite.  We were lucky enough to camp next to and hang out with 2 other couples hiking around Yellowstone.  They gave us a lot of useful information about upcoming parts of our trip.  As it got a little later in the night, the Ranger had to come by and ask us to quiet down.  He was sooo nice.  You can get awesome information from the rangers.  They were very helpful.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 12, 2001

Location:  Glacier National Park, MT

We arrived  in Montana on the 11th at 5pm.  We stayed with the Jones's who took excellent care of us!  It was great to meet such wonderful people.  We offer our sincere Thanks to them.  We proceeded the next morning to Glacier.  We got to the Visitor center at Logan Pass and there was a Grizzly sighting.  We saw him from far away through binoculars, but at least we saw him.  The Ranger had been shooting rubber bullets at him earlier because he was too close to the Center.   After staring at the Grizzly for a while, we hiked to Hidden Lake.  It was the most beautiful end to a hike we have ever seen.  The lake was so blue and tucked in between the mountains.  We saw a mtn. goat almost immediately and we got great shots of him.  After the hike we proceeded to St. Mary's Falls and had lunch right next to the lake.  Next we drove up to Many Glacier and saw more waterfalls and Lake Sherburne.  On our way back thru the park we saw Big Horned Sheep to complete our animal photo album.  It was a full day and dinner was ready when we got back!  HOW AWESOME!   Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 13, 2001

Location:  Staircase Campground, Olympic National Park, WA

We arrived here and got our first real taste of the Rainforest.  It was amazing!  The trees were huge and everything was moss covered.  We were right on a river with an incredible view.  We found out that Olympic has no East-West road going thru it and we would have to back track and go around the whole Park to get to the Beach.  It is very beautiful ,but hard to get around and LONG.  We headed for the beach in the morning.  The weather was very foggy and misty.  Check out some pics by clicking HERE

September 14 and 15, 2001

Location:  Third Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

We decided to camp on the beach here for two nights.  We had to hike our camping gear in one and a half miles.  Mike took the heaviest pack and 1 lounge chair.  Kate also had a backpack a chair and the most necessary radio.  We set up camp and scavenged the Beach for firewood.  We had a great fire got to see the Pacific and made friends with a fellow camper, Brenda.  She gave us great advice on camping hot spots and hiking trails.  Mike also found cougar tracks right by our site in the sand!  The next day we took an incredible hike climbing up rock walls with ropes and makeshift ladders.  The hiking trail was incredible, half on the beach and half in the Rainforest.  We hiked up to a Waterfall and were actually hanging on to a tree overlooking the Pacific and the breakers.  We then hiked down to the beach and found bunches of Starfish and Sea Anemones.  The view was very foggy ,but beautiful.   The hike was muddy and we saw Bear tracks on the trail.  It was one of the coolest things we have done.  It was also challenging and we had sand in EVERYTHING! Check out some pics by clicking HERE

September 16, 2001

Location:  Fairholm, WA

We arrived at Lake Crescent, beautifully nestled in the Mountains of Olympic National Park.  We found a hiking trail near the Campground and hiked thru the Rainforest.  We had a lake front campsite and burgers for dinner!  Hot meat oh yeah!!  There were huge blue jays and fuzzy caterpillars there.  The sunset pictures were unreal.  Check them out HERE

September 17, 2001

Location:  Vancouver Island, BC

We rode the ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island.  This is a hot spot for honeymooners.  It is a beautifully quaint city with British influence and lots of touristy things to do.  After being searched by Immigration and losing both of our cans of mace, we continued on to a Provincial Park for some camping.   At this campsite they provided free firewood and brought it right to your site!  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 18, 2001

Location:  Vancouver & Chilliwack, BC

We took the Ferry from Nanaimo, Vancouver Island to Horseshoe Bay.  We drove to Vancouver which we found to be very dirty.  We decided to forgo our hostel and head for the hills.  We camped right beside a large lake, surrounded by mountains. We had our own little beach, showers, firewood and great times!  We definitely prefer the Mountains to the city.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 19, 2001

Location:  North Cascades National Park, WA

We stayed  the night here after crossing the border and picking up some supplies.  Crossing into the States was MUCH easier and quicker than getting out! Our campsite was right on the Nooksack River.  It's the time of year for the Salmon to be spawning.   It was cool to see them swimming upstream, but a little depressing to see how tired and beat up they were.  Some were already dead on the river's edge, but there were 100's still swimming upstream.  We thought about having a fish feast, but it was illegal to catch them because they were Chinook Salmon, and they are still on the endangered list. Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 20, 2001

Location: Driving thru Washington & Oregon

We drove through Oregon and stopped in Eugene.  Home of Animal House the movie.  We found out the Frat house had been torn down.  So we did some laundry, got an oil change, and hung out with some locals.  We drove to Northern California  from Northern Washington heading for Redwoods National Park!  We arrived at midnight and in our attempt to find a campground drove through Stout Grove, a 20-acre grove of really big Redwoods.  That was sooo eeerie!  It was totally COOL after we made it through (and lived!), but definitely SPOOKY! 

September 21, 2001

Location: Redwoods National Forest, CA

We headed to Crescent City to pick up our mail and use the internet.  Thanks MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!  We then headed to Prairie Elk Campground in the Redwoods.  We camped right on a river AGAIN!  It was very beautiful and the water was so peaceful.   We hiked down to what used to be the tallest tree in the world.  The top fell off a few years ago and they haven't disclosed or don't know the location of the tallest at this point.   We had to get a permit from a ranger to be able to do the hike.  We were the first ones to do the hike in a week and we broke all of the spider webs for the latecomers.   Check out some pix by clicking HERE.

September 22, 2001

Location: The Bay Area to Yosemite

We drove from the Redwoods and headed for San Francisco.  We drove along the winding coast and saw our first Sea Lion.  The drive was really long , but gorgeous and well worth it.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE.

When we got to a campground near San Fran it was full.  They were going to let us camp in the picnic area, but wanted us to come back in an hour.  We had time to kill so we headed for the Golden Gate.  We arrived at Fisherman's Wharf and decided to hop out for some Clam Chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.  To Die For!!!!  We decided not to back track to the campground and headed on to Yosemite.  We arrived after 2 a.m. and searched for a campsite.  We took the emergency site and decided to stay another day.

September 23, 2001

Location: Yosemite National Park, CA

We drove up to Glacier Point.  There was a forest fire and many waterfalls at the overlook.  We also saw another Black Bear and her cubs on the way down from the Point back to the Yosemite Valley.  There were tons of rock climbers and with our binoculars we kept track of them all day.  The most popular climb is El Capitan.   It is the oldest National Park and probably the most visited.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE  

The next day, we headed on to Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. where we saw the "World's Largest Living Thing "  The General Sherman Tree.  It is a huge Sequoia and the stats are incredible.  Check out the stats and some pix by clicking HERE

September 24, 2001

Location: Los Angeles, CA

We just arrived in LA and have only had enough time to unload all of our valuables from the truck.  It is LA, you don't just leave your stuff anywhere.  We've uploaded the pictures from Redwoods National Park, the Pacific Coast Highway, Yosemite National Park, and Sequoia National Park.  Sorry, we haven't updated in a while, but we've been camping for twelve days straight and haven't had any access to the Net.\

September 25, 2001

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Mikes B-Day!  We slept pretty good and just decided to give ourselves the Tour around L.A.  We drove thru Beverly Hills and saw Rodeo Dr.  We cruised by UCLA and then on to Hollywood.  That was enough driving around L.A.  We went back to Ju's pad and had some pizza before we went to pick her up at LAX.  The airport was not letting anyone inside without a ticket.  So we waited at a shelter set up in the remote parking lot.   The shuttle brought all of the passengers out to remote parking where we picked  up Julie.  The whole ordeal had us thinking again (just as we have been) of the tragedy on September 11.    We're so glad to live in this great country!  Everywhere you drive, almost every other car has an American flag on it somewhere.  The patriotism that the attacks have spawned is apparent all over the country.  God Bless America.   Check out some pix from driving into LA at sunset by clicking HERE

September 26, 2001

Location: Las Vegas, NV

We arrived in Vegas total rookies!  We headed for the pool at our hotel,  The Tropicana.  After a refreshing dip we got ready for the Casinos.  We headed out of our hotel to the MGM Grand.  They had a lion in the lobby and Macaws in the Rainforest Cafe.  We saw an Elvis show and headed for New York, New York!  This Casino has a roller coaster The Manhattan Express.  It looks really fun.  We eventually found out how to get the free drinks we had heard so much about.  Gamble at the BAR!  We also visited the Luxor and had dinner at the Excalibur buffet.  It was GREAT!  We only lost $40 and had a great time.  The key is not to stay very long!  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

September 27, 2001

Location: Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

We took one last drive down the strip in Vegas and got to see Treasure Island, The Mirage, The Venetian etc...  The roller coaster at the Nascar Cafe looked really cool too.  It went underground and through the building, inside and out.  We liked Vegas, and really wanted to stay for a little longer, but of course, funds and time are working against us.  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

We headed out for the Grand Canyon.  We arrived right at sunset, but barely missed the peak time for great pix.  We didn't have time to see much of the Canyon because of darkness, so we decided to find a campsite and see it the next day.

It was really hot in Vegas, AZ and L.A.  80 or 90 everyday.  But, in the desert, it can be very hot during the day, and really cold at night.  At night in the Grand Canyon it was only 55.  Our campsite in the Kaibab National Forest was pretty chilly, but we're pretty used to that by now.

September 28, 2001

Location: Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

We woke up planning on driving the rim of the Grand Canyon.  We had to pass the airport from our campsite to the Park and decided to check out the prices.  They gave us $30 off and we took it!  We did the Canyon Tour from a twin engine plane.  It was the perfect way to see all of The Grand Canyon and Kaibab National Forest.  It was a 50 minute flight and a little bumpy.  Or turbulent as they say, but totally beautiful.  There is no doubt that this is the best way to experience the Grand Canyon.  We saw people rafting the Colorado below us.  Definitely one of our future endeavors!  Check out some pix by clicking HERE

We are headed to Albuquerque, NM.  The North Carolina State Wolf Pack will be playing the north carolina suck heels tomorrow we wish them GOOD LUCK!  Our Spirit is with you!  Go Pack!!!

October 20, 2001

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Well, we're now in Cincy.  We've been here for just about a week.  The USA Tour ended with a whole lot of driving.  From the Grand Canyon to Albuquerque, NM, from there to Austin, TX, from there to Memphis, TN, from there to Charlotte, NC, and from there to Cincinnati, OH.  We've been too busy to put up any updates, but we have gotten some pics up.  Click here to check out the Drive through New MexicoClick here to check out pics from Memphis, TNClick here to see pics from the Tab Benoit show at the Double Door in Charlotte, NC





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