Yellowstone National Park

September 10, 2001

Location:  Yellowstone National Park, WY

We left Jenny Lake and headed for Yellowstone.  On our way out we came face to face with a Mama Moose and her twin calves!!  We have it on video it was the coolest thing we've seen so far and the scariest!!  Mike was only 10 feet away from the Mama, while Kate screamed and jumped into the truck.  Sorry, again we don't have any still photos for the website, so you'll all have to wait for the video.  (Mike was a little surprised and nervous, so the video might have a PG-13/R rating in that section - sorry Mom)  We entered Yellowstone and headed for Old Faithful.  As we were waiting for it to erupt we saw Beehive, another geyser, erupt that was even higher than Old Faithful.  We drove down to the Sapphire Pools in Biscuit Basin which were some of the hot springs.  We then headed up towards our campground past Yellowstone Lake (the world's largest lake above 7,000ft.)  The scenery was exquisite!  We saw herds of Bison and a large male Elk.   We set up camp at Tower Falls and headed down for a hike.  We drove and hiked around Tower Falls, Calcite Springs, Blacktail Creek Plateau and Mammoth Hot Springs.  Most of the springs were dormant.  The hot springs were located at the Park headquarters and the Elk were everywhere!!  Just hangin' out on the village lawns.  They were close!  We never got too close to wildlife.  Many people have been hurt from getting too close.  That night, we made some friends (and enemies)  at our campsite.  We were lucky enough to camp next to and hang out with 2 other couples hiking around Yellowstone.  They gave us a lot of useful information about upcoming parts of our trip.  As it got a little later in the night, the Ranger had to come by and ask us to quiet down.  He was sooo nice.  You can get awesome information from the rangers.  They were very helpful.

September 10 and 11
The Beehive Beehive Geyser
Old Faithful Right on time
Yellowstone is one big volcano crater Black Opal Hot Springs
Sapphire Pools Hot Springs
Yellowstone Lake
Tower Falls
Calcite Springs Yellowstone River
The vertical row of rocks is 25ft. of lava flow, millions of years old
Buck Elk at Park Headquarters Doe Elk at Park Headquarters
Mammoth Hot Springs

The Village at Park Headquarters





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