Olympic National Park, Washington

The Columbia River, Crossing into Washington
Staircase Area, Olympic National Park, WA

September 13, 2001

Location:  Staircase Campground, Olympic National Park, WA

We arrived here and got our first real taste of the Rainforest.  It was amazing!  The trees were huge and everything was moss covered.  We were right on a river with an incredible view.  We found out that Olympic has no East-West road going thru it and we would have to back track and go around the whole Park to get to the Beach.  It is very beautiful ,but hard to get around and LONG.  We headed for the beach in the morning.  The weather was very foggy and misty. 

Kate at Staircase Campground in Olympic National Park Staircase Campground in the Rainforest
Staircase Campsite River at Staircase Campsite
River by Staircase with a bridge above on the hiking trail
Third Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

September 14 and 15, 2001

Location:  Third Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

We decided to camp on the beach here for two nights.  We had to hike our camping gear in one and a half miles.  Mike took the heaviest pack and 1 lounge chair.  Kate also had a backpack a chair and the most necessary radio.  We set up camp and scavenged the Beach for firewood.  We had a great fire got to see the Pacific and made friends with a fellow camper, Brenda.  She gave us great advice on camping hot spots and hiking trails.  Mike also found cougar tracks right by our site in the sand!  The next day we took an incredible hike climbing up rock walls with ropes and makeshift ladders.  The hiking trail was incredible, half on the beach and half in the Rainforest.  We hiked up to a Waterfall and were actually hanging on to a tree overlooking the Pacific and the breakers.  We then hiked down to the beach and found bunches of Starfish and Sea Anemones.  The view was very foggy ,but beautiful.   The hike was muddy and we saw Bear tracks on the trail.  It was one of the coolest things we have done.  It was also challenging and we had sand in EVERYTHING!  

Mike & Kate self portrait camping on the beach

Sand plant


Third Beach, Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean
Strawberry Bay
Kate hiking the Trail thru the Rainforest Mike hiking the trail to Strawberry Pt.
Rainforest SLUGS! Mike at the top of the trail
On top of the Waterfall overlooking the crashing breakers!

The view of our site from the top of the Waterfall AWESOME!
The Trees in the Rainforest were ENORMOUS!
The ferns were all over the Rainforest
Kate and the Wall of Ferns Moss growing on the tree trunks
The Waterfall that we hiked to.
Kate at the top of the Waterfall Holding the camera straight down over the Waterfall
The Starfish at Strawberry Pt. were beautiful!
The Anemones at Strawberry Bay More Anemones
The rocks in the Pacific with pine trees growing on them Anemones at low tide on Third Beach

These towering islands are surrounded by water at high tide.  How does that tree grow there??

Kate at Strawberry Pt.
Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park, WA

September 16, 2001

Location:  Fairholm, WA

We arrived at Lake Crescent, beautifully nestled in the Mountains of Olympic National Park.  We found a hiking trail near the Campground and hiked thru the Rainforest.  We had a lake front campsite and burgers for dinner!  Hot meat oh yeah!!  There were huge blue jays and fuzzy caterpillars there.  The sunset pictures were unreal. 

Lake Crescent
Mike & Kate on hiking trail in Fairholm, WA
Kate on hiking trail in the Rainforest Rainforest Moss
Mike next to one of the HUGE trees in the Rainforest
A tree growing on an old stump. COOL!
Moss on the Trees in the Rainforest
Mike & Kate, self portrait at Crescent Lake
A fuzzy caterpillar on our tent
Lake Crescent at sunrise
Great reflections on Lake Crescent

Kate cookin' up some burgers YUMMY!!




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