• 2000 Nissan XTerra w/ Yakima Rack System and Samsonite X-Large Roof-Top Bag

  • 2 Mountain Bikes - Mike's Raleigh M60 and Kate's Raleigh M80

  • Sevylor Tahiti Vista 2 Person Inflatable Kayak - Rated to Class II Whitewater

  • 2 Waterproof Dry Bags - X-large and Large

  • 2 Aluminum Five Piece Collapsible Telescoping Kayak Paddles

  • 12 Volt Low Pressure/High Volume Air Inflator/Deflator, and Hand Powered Bike Pump

  • 2 Jacko Royal Anti-Shock Hiking Poles w/ Monopod feature

  • Sony Hi8 Video Camera w/ Infrared Night Shot and 360x Zoom

  • Sony Mavica FD-83 Digital Camera

  • Dell Latitude CPi-A Laptop Computer

  • 2 Motorola Star-Tac Cell Phones - Sprint PCS National Digital Network - Also acts as Wireless Modem for Internet Connection.

  • 2 Motorola Personal CB Walkie-Talkies

  • HP Deskjet 713 Color Printer

  • 2 Handspring Visor Palm Computers

  • Garmin EMap GPS Receiver

  • Microsoft Streets and Trips USA Software - Compatible w/ GPS Receiver

  • Cobra 9-Band Radar Detector

  • 12 V to 120 V Power Inverter - 300 Watt

  • Sony Rugged-ized Personal Radio/Cassette/CD Player w/ 9Volt Adaptor

  • Large Coleman Cooler

  • 2 Coleman Deluxe Camping Chairs - 1 Rocker, 1 Lounger

  • 3 Person Dome Tent

  • Double Size Air Mattress

  • 2 Sleeping Bags

  • Mini-Propane Grill w/ Extra Propane Canisters

  • 1 Set of DELUXE Grill Tools w/ Built in Beer Opening Feature - Best Groomsman Gift EVER !!  Just beating out the Stainless Steel Monogrammed Flask.

  • Coleman Battery Powered Remote Control Lantern

  • Toolbox/Cordless Drill/All Attachments

  • 8 Gallon Water Container w/ Spigot

  • Deer Whistles




Who made me?

I'm beautiful and amazing, 

but how did it all happen?

What's the Secret??

It's pretty simple.  YOU are RESPONSIBLE for YOU !!!

The Keys to Happiness

True happiness can't be bought.

Find out why.

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