Los Angeles, CA

September 24, 2001

Location: Los Angeles, CA

We just arrived in LA and have only had enough time to unload all of our valuables from the truck.  It is LA, you don't just leave your stuff anywhere.  We've uploaded the pictures from Redwoods National Park, the Pacific Coast Highway, Yosemite National Park, and Sequoia National Park.  Sorry, we haven't updated in a while, but we've been camping for twelve days straight and haven't had any access to the Net.

September 25, 2001

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Mikes B-Day!  We slept pretty good and just decided to give ourselves the Tour around L.A.  We drove thru Beverly Hills and saw Rodeo Dr.  We cruised by UCLA and then on to Hollywood.  That was enough driving around L.A.  We went back to Ju's pad and had some pizza before we went to pick her up at LAX.  The airport was not letting anyone inside without a ticket.  So we waited at a shelter set up in the remote parking lot.   The shuttle brought all of the passengers out to remote parking where we picked  up Julie.  The whole ordeal had us thinking again (just as we have been) of the tragedy on September 11.    We're so glad to live in this great country!  Everywhere you drive, almost every other car has an American flag on it somewhere.  The patriotism that the attacks have spawned is apparent all over the country.  God Bless America.   

Monday and Tuesday, September 24 and 25
The sunset from the 5 entering L.A.
The view from Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
Dusk overlooking the Pacific.  Taken from the balcony of Pepperdine Law School.



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