Adventure Sail to Panama


George Town, Bahamas to Jamaica


September 30, 2007 - October 5, 2007

The salt mines on Matthew Town

There he is ladies!  The famous and worldly - Capt. Mark

The view from Stray Cat's port bow

Ryan our own little Fly Boy - ever seen TOP GUN?? He flies F-16's yeah, just like Maverick

We docked up in the harbor next to the shed with a hole in it.  It turns out that a large mail ship ran into it.

That was the entrance to the harbor - a tight squeeze

This was the harbor area, pretty well deserted except for our latino buddies in BIG trouble!

Sunrise Cabanas

The dilapidated fuel shed next to Stray Cat

Our first time off of the boat in 3 days

Here comes "Potcake" 

A term for the stray dogs in the Bahamas - People could only afford to feed them the crust at the bottom of the pot or the "potcake"

On our way to see the flamingos in the air conditioned " Great Inagua National Park Vehicle" 

Kate rode up front and Henry was our local guide, this was a free service provided by the park, or at least it was that day

The Flamingos!!! also the Matthew Town lighthouse in the distance

They get the pink color from their diet of brine shrimp, there are flocks of up to 60,000 up on the Northern end of the island in no man's land

This one is for you Suz!

Some are much brighter pink than others and the juveniles are gray

Matthew Town Light

Some very cute asses we saw on the island!

It was a juvenile pair of donkeys

They were Ahhhhhh-dorable!!

Kate absolutely hated this part, NOT!!!!!!!!!!

"Sunrise Cabanas" in Matthew Town

Remember the Potcake from earlier, this is one of her pups, they are very shy

It's Petey!

They come in all colors

Land Crab

M & K at the Internet "cafe" - a.k.a. A small room with two computers - Believe it or not, the connection was fast!

Stray Cat waiting on fuel and tending to a few minor repairs as we had plenty of time, waiting for fuel

Leaving Matthew Town, heading for the Windward Passage and Jamaica -We will pass right between Cuba and Haiti

A large freighter closer than we like to see them, especially at night!

The next morning, we could see Cuba in the distance - we were as close as 6 miles off of her coast in the middle of the night 

The Cuban military can board your vessel if you are within 12 miles - it was an eerie night lots of rain and cargo ships

Cuba is very mountainous - who'd a thunk it??


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