The Rudder

The rudder before the bottom paint was stripped off.  When the paint was off, we discovered that the rudder needed some rebuilding and maintenance.  So, the decision was made that we had to drop the rudder to complete the work. 

You can see where the teredo worms had started to work

This is the on the inside of the boat where the rudder post connects to the steering quadrant (bottom) and the autopilot control arm (top)

This is where the rudder post exits the top of the boat, just behind the cockpit, where there is an emergency tiller post.

Lets get this thing disconnected 

Here are the steering cables exiting the bottom of the steering pedestal

You can see how the autopilot control arm is keyed into the rudder post

Halfway there


This is the rudder post stuffing box.  It keeps water from entering the boat where the rudder post enters the boat

Now, to get the rudder down, the boat had to be lifted, so the forestay had to be loosened

And, here comes the travel lift

The lift couldn't get the boat quite high enough, so....

Let the digging begin!

Four feet later

Again, the action's been missed, but the rudder is down.

A much better view of the worm damage

We dug out all of the soft/bad wood

Setting up a vacuum bag to suck epoxy down the rudder post

The idea is to pour epoxy down the rudder post and suck it down through the porous wood to where the rudder post is exposed again

It worked!  You can see the epoxy that was pulled through

The rudder went home with us almost every night to be put inside and dried out.  The wood has to be completely dry before it is glassed in.

Next we, flipped the rudder and epoxied using gravity to pull the epoxy down from the other way

Things are starting to come together

Now all of the questionable spots have been fixed

After a fair bit of sanding to make clearance for the fiberglass, we're ready to glass it in

Getting out all of the air bubbles

Now a little bit of fairing

Preparing the rudder for anti-foul

The first coat of bottom paint

The final coat of bottom paint

Now for a personal touch

Next, we get ready to remount the rudder.  All of the steering components must be cleaned, polished a greased before they are refitted.



The Topsides

After being in the yard for four months, the topsides needed some cleaning and waxing

One of "those moments" where the light at the end of the tunnel seems very dim

After cleaning the hull, we applied PolyGlow.  It worked pretty well.

This is a gash in the gel coat that was a result of a nail in a piling


The Keel

Before recoating, the keel has to be sanded/grinded down to bare metal, then immediately primed with a metal primer.



And, on with the primer

Doing a little work on the hull/keel joint

Replacing the Prop Shaft Zincs



Splicing the Anchor Chain




Bottom Job, Continued, Again

Now, to start with the barrier coat

Pile O' Crap

We started applying the barrier coat right before noon

And, you can see that it was nearly dark when we finally finished.

This is when you realize that maybe you don't want a bigger boat.

Finally done!

Where are we?

Finished product during daylight hours


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