The Radar Arch

We're checking out the radar arch while under construction

The arch is taking shape in the shop at Cape Point Customs in Swansboro


Back in the slip

The radar arch is installed

Replacing the Battery Bank

The old batteries and battery box

Engine intake, raw water strainer, and to the right, a Racor 500 fuel filter

Battery Switches

Another house battery

The starting battery and a battery isolator 

Hot water heater and the inverter

Top down view of all the compartments in the salon - the bow is to the right

Mike's Dad came down for a weekend to help with the long list of projects

The battery box is being modified to accommodate 4 golf cart batteries

Let the wiring begin !

The final setup

The starting battery

Solar Panels

Four 75 Watt Solar Panels mounted on the arch - Mast for wind generator is on the port side of the arch

Wiring from Solar Panel control boxes are combined inside the black box on the left - The box is filled with epoxy to eliminate issues with corrosion.

Wiring is brought into boat through watertight thru-deck fittings

Freshly installed Charge Controller for Solar Panels and Wind Generator

Freshly installed Battery Monitor and Switch Panel

Back of Battery Monitor - Blue Sky Energy IPN-ProRemote

Front of Switch Panel and Battery Monitor

This little beauty reads amps in and amps out, plus constantly monitors battery voltage and charge levels

Cockpit Speaker - On/Off Switch in Cabin

Cockpit Flood Light - On/Off Switch in Cabin

Wiring for 12v Accessory plug in cockpit, to be used for spotlight

The wiring is supported above the accessory socket so any water that may enter the plug won't seep down into the wires, eventually causing a short.  With this design, no water will ever enter the wiring insulation.  We made sure to do this right, because it wasn't done right before, almost leading to a fire about a month before this picture was taken.

To the right of the accessory plug socket are the throttle/transmission control.

Rebuilding the Winches

This will all have to be cleaned up, and regreased

Each tooth in the gear has to be de-gooped

Ready for reinstallation

Transmission Access Door


We set up this little system to hold this access panel up while working underneath.  Now you can use both hands to work

Homemade hinge made out of nothing more than rope - doesn't rust.

Changing to Dual Racor Filters

This is where the Racor 500 fuel filter was previously mounted.

A new Racor 500 fuel filter added and installed in a parallel configuration.  With this setup, if one filter begins to clog, you can simply switch to the other filter while your changing the element in the one that's plugged up.  

The "In" side 

The "Out" side

The finished product

The Shelf in the Head

Standard floor molding works well for fiddle rails

The V-Berth Project

Hot Water Heater Modification

Hot water element

The plan is to remove this element, which just runs on shore power.  The new element will heat water with both shore power (110v) and battery power (12v)


The Bottom Job

Before the bottom job begins

Lay down the plastic and get ready to make a big mess

Did someone call a stripper??  I hope she's strong.

Kate is a very good stripper

Kate's Mom came down and did a little stripping

Mike did some stripping too

We found this fish on the ground on one side of the car, and an earring on the other side of the car.  They just needed to be united.

Replacing Cabinet Door in Galley

A new 12v air cooled refrigeration unit was installed under the sink - The compressor needs lots of ventilation, so the old door had to be removed and replaced

With a duly modified teak louvered door.  Got it for $20 bucks at a surplus store - retail would've been well over $100

The finished product

Install Vacuum Gauge for Fuel System

This hose is teed into the fuel line, after the Racor filters, and before the fuel pump.  The other end is connected to a vacuum gauge.  An increased level of vacuum registered on the gauge will give you an early warning that your fuel filter element needs to be changed.  

Mounting the vacuum gauge

Now, if the fuel filters begin to clog, we'll know about it before it shuts down the motor.


Install Man Overboard Pole

What your truck will look like during a major refit

Controlled chaos

Dingy Davits

New Anchor Rode

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