The "La Deuce" Project


These are just some of the pictures taken of the bus since we've owned her.  Click Here for More

 We've done a lot of work on the bus during the past two years, including replacing the engine, transmission and clutch.  All suspension, ball joints, brakes, and CV joints have been replaced or repaired.  We've added a full roof rack and new curtains.  Now, the last step is to get all the body work (rust) taken care of, and have her painted.  Several links below will let you see more.

Click Here for some "Before" pictures, taken in October, 2003

Some exterior modifications are visible, but the restoration is beginning in earnest now.  Our eventual goal is not to "fully restore" the Bus, but to "fully transform" it, because we will still be using it as an everyday vehicle (if that's possible in Beaufort, where we usually walk everywhere and rarely use our cars.)  Our goal is to make practical, durable changes that will stand up over time.

Before Pictures

Click Here to view some of the work while in progress

A good deal of mechanical work has already been done during the previous year or two.  Since we've had this bus, we've probably put somewhere close to 15,000 miles on her.  She's been from Ohio to Key West and back, Charlotte to Cincinnati many times, from Cincinnati back to Key Largo, then back to the Outer Banks.  The motor was changed in Raleigh, NC after blowing the motor on the way into town for the ACC Tournament.  See Below for more details.  The new motor has been broken in correctly, and for right now, she's running strong.

During Pictures

Click Here to view some After pictures, including some Interior shots

Well, after much blood, sweat and tears - La Bus La Deuce has come out the other side.  She is virtually free of rust, has two brand new coats of paint (the paint shop got the color wrong the first time), and is ready for another 35 years of action.   Thanks again to Mike's Mom and Dad for the use of their garage, driveway, tools, advice and patience.

After Pictures  

Click Here to view some Side by Side Before and After pictures

Here's where you can see the most striking pictures of what the Bus used to look like and what she looks like now.  The before photos were taken in October, 2003 and the after photos were taken 5 months later in March, 2004.

Click Here to see a time-lapse photo sequence of us replacing the engine "on the farm" in Raleigh, NC in 2002

After leaving Cincy at 3am, we made it to within 50 miles of Raleigh before the motor blew.   That's well within our goal of making it within 100 miles - 100 miles is as far as we can get towed by AAA, so we feel like if we can just make it within 100 miles, we're as good as there.  After the ACC Tourney, it took us 4 days to drop the old motor, find a new one, and get the new one in, and running.  Then, on to Florida.  Not bad.

New Motor



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