Adventure Sail to Panama




October 5th - October 9th

This is Clive, our resident Rastafarian, he had made this raft and paddle from bamboo, it was only 6 months old here and he was preparing to build a new raft soon

Clive liked having his picture taken and came over to Stray Cat to chat for a while, he was one of the coolest people we met

He's hamming it up now

Here he comes! Check out the paddle, he would take his rig out fishing everyday except for Sunday

The day was calm, but there were a few storm clouds a brewin'

The old restaurant on Navy Island on the left and the small cruise ship pier on the right

The place was gorgeous and they were trying to encourage tourism here in Port Antonio

This was the tiki bar by the pool at our marina

The Jamaican hillside

A tropical paradise, the blue building was the Coast Guard Station

Moses was on the port stern doing some fiberglass repair

Hulk & Capt Mark making ready the fleet

Moses, also a great guy and Jr Bushdoctor, he knew about all of the natural cures of the island

Getting Stray Cat ready for Panama


Notice the roots that would grow from the tree trunk for support - much like mangroves

Some of the palms grew in a spiral, how incredible!

Gorgeous flowers abound in Jamaica

[movie camera illustration] Click here to see video of "Shamey Darlins"

[movie camera illustration]

The vines were everywhere with their own dangling blossoms

Stray Cat at the dock just before departure

The end of the cruise ship pier

The private beach & restaurant that went with our marina

Some ruins of a by gone era, most likely during British rule

Plants were growing through every crack and crevice

The banks where the private beach sat, the grass looked like a golf course!

The banks with the lighthouse in the distance

The area was picturesque

It looked like this log had made a nice spot for the local fishermen

A seed pod from a tropical plant was blowing in the breeze when Kate grabbed it to capture this shot

Everything in nature was so impressive here!


Jamaican Coasties

This was a Privilege 65 that we got to explore, this area was the Nav Station

This was the master bedroom

George, the marina manager & Kate 

Mike & Kate on the pier

Ackee, a Jamaican national dish, brought to us by Clive

These were some of our stash after shopping at the market & the bakery


Jamaican Bananas Mon!  One of the main exports of Jamaica

The Jamaican National Humming bird made for us by Hulk out of a palm leaf

Capt Mark workin' hard, it seemed the guys were surprised to see the Capt work at all, they were shocked to see Mark get down & dirty right along with them 

The Jamaica Crew

The Boyyeeeeeeeeezzzzzz!

Stray Cat lookin' good after her mega-bath

The Blue Mountains of Jamaica as we left Port Antonio

A local fishing boat called a Panga

The mountains were smothered in thick, fluffy, white clouds


Nice Shot!

Capt Mark & Stuart leaving Jamaica

Stray Cat leaving Jamaica with $500 worth of green bananas in tow! - Jamaican dollars that is

A castle just East of a little town called Boston, no idea whose it was??  Any ideas??

Things got pretty gloomy the further from Port Antonio we got

Hulk said these were about a week from being ripe - still waiting....

Here we go again!

What more rain? Noooooooooo...

Mike reeling in another barracuda

This was a big fish!

The water was hundreds of feet deep and we were not expecting barracuda at all!

GPS Chart Plotter showing the distance we are going to cover to get to Panama, notice the time to go(TTG) is greater than 99 hours and the distance is 519 miles

Another Squall!

A large freighter not too far off the bow

The last lighthouse we found on the North Eastern tip of Jamaica - Darkness fell soon after we rounded the tip and we made the turn south


Confused wave action

Sunrise reflecting off of Stray Cat's shiny hull

Gorgeous sunrise enroute to Panama on the third day

Stray Cat flying the Genoa

Coffee Anyone??

Yes Coffee!  Two Thumbs up!

A few self portarits at the helm

The timer did not go off exactly as planned

Guess what another squall!

[movie camera illustration] Click here to see video of the squall

[movie camera illustration]

Hey, even at night, or especially at night they loved us - the squalls that is - there's nothing like 40 knots of wind driven rain in your face


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