Adventure Sail to Panama


Eastern Lemmon Cays, San Blas Islands, Panama


October 25th - 26th, 2007

Our first stop after leaving the Rio Diablo area was still in the San Blas at the Lemmon Cays.  We tried anchoring behind several islands, but had trouble finding good protection from the building wind and waves.  We re-checked the charts, chose a new spot that looked good, but had a rather tricky entrance.   After making double sure we knew where we were, we navigated through all of the surrounding reefs, and found the perfect spot in between Tiadup and Naguarchirdup. 

Our first visitor’s in the Lemmons Cays arrived via cayuco and were a family of one grandmother and two young children.  The sky was about to open up as the grandmother motioned to come aboard, so Capt Mark carried the children on board and the Kuna Mujer proceeded to tell us that these were her grandchildren and their parents had died.  The children were poorly dressed.  One of the children, a boy, was about 1 year old and the other, his sister, was 8 or 9 years old.  They were in need of help - the young boy had been bitten by a dog in a few places, and the wounds were not healing well at all.  Of course the Mujer had items to sell including Molas, shells, Gods eyes and jewelry.  Our hearts broke for these little ones as we bandaged them up, gave them drinks, cookies, pasta and sauce.  We bought items from the Mujer and Capt Mark gave her some money to take the child to the doctor.  We did all we could and the family set out in their cayuco to another remote island where they lived. 

Our next guests were in a huge cayuco that was running out of gas.  They had a load of freshly caught fish in their boat and they wanted to trade for fuel.  Capt Mark came up and checked out the situation, he gave the men a gallon of gas for 4 mackerel.  Mark and Mike helped them transfer a gallon of gas into their tank; they thanked us, gave us some fish and headed away.  Unfortunately, they did not give us the fish we wanted – the fish that they gave us was a type of mackerel that was very bloody.  We decided to toss it overboard since the fish book said they were not very tasty and rarely eaten. Nonetheless, we had a fantastic dinner of Lobster Tails & Yellowfin Tuna and hit the sack hoping that our attempts to help the Kuna that day were successful.

Dolphins on the bow!!

Dolphins breeching the surface, for a breath of air

More of the frolicking dolphins surfing our bow wave

They hung out with us for a good ten minutes

These were some of the first dolphins we had seen the whole trip 

The island of Naguachirdup in the Lemmon Cays

Also Naguachirdup, there was a pier at the end of the island on the right side of the photo (East end) and a couple of cabanas on stilts that looked like they could be rented

The storm approaching the anchorage from the mainland

These are the cabanas on Naguarchirdup

Stray Cat tucked in and finally holding fast between Naguarchirdup & Tiadup

Somewhere in the Lemmons Cays

Mike and our little visitor, this is the little boy who had been bitten by a dog several times, you can see the bandage on his arm where we patched it up, the wound was not healing properly and the poor little guy did need medical attention 

Cookies always help ease the pain a bit

This is the little boys sister, both of them are now being taken care of by a grandmother, since their parents passed away

The grandmother or Kuna Mujer was a very good salesperson, we wished we could have done more for them

The catch of the day "Mackerel", seven Kunas worked all day for this haul of fish

These guys had run out of gas a long way from home 

Mike filtered the gas for them

Their cayuco was enormous

This cayuco was at least 25ft long, it was the biggest one that we have seen

Lobster Tails on the grill - Yumm....

This dinner would have cost you big bucks at a restaurant in the States - Lobster Tails with Yellowfin Tuna, saffron rice and black beans 

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