Adventure Sail to Panama


Isla Grande, Panama - Again!


November 1st - November 4th, 2007

We rescued this boat - it was offshore, without power and drifting into the rocks

The boat's name was Chama, which means "friend" or "pal" in Spanish, the boats owners spoke only Spanish and proper Spanish from Spain is even more difficult to decipher.

Capt. Mark the rescue captain - we saw the other boat had fired at least 2 flares and Capt Mark did not hesitate to go to the rescue.  They told us later that 3 or 4 boats had come by and didn't even slow down.

A series of pictures taken on Isla Grande


The ferry boats were hand painted by the owners and here on Isla Grande it seems everyone is an artist

The statue of Black Christ is a national symbol, and in Portobelo where the original Black Christ is in a church, people from all over Central America make a pilgrimage to see it once a year

A nice hotel and restaurant on Isla Grande

They used ceramic tile and shells in most of their designs

The macaw named Kijo that lived on Chama

He wanted out!

When he gets out, he eats all of the wood

Antonio and Isabel - the rescuees - They were both were from Spain and were very kind

A homebuilt catamaran at anchor near Isla Linton

We went to explore an island that supposedly had monkeys

Where are the "monkeys" - yeah right, there aren't any monkeys here 

But, as we were getting in the dink to leave, down the dock comes this huge monkey - He's saying "Hey guys, wait for me!!"

He looked a little intimidating, so we just threw pork rinds at him

Hey, monkeys like pork rinds - who would've known?!


When we got too close they tried to steal a jar of peanuts right out of the boat!  Sneaky little buggers!!

A second monkey with a hurt foot came down a minute later, he wanted some too!!

They may have been spider monkeys

Some pork rinds landed in the water


The boat storage at Panamarina

Lots of catamarans, it was definitely long term boat storage

Wharram fiberglass design catamaran

The entrance to the "Tunnel of Love"

I love "Tunnel of Love's"

Stuart was saying "watch out for snakes in the trees"

The celebration was taking place for Panama's Independence from Colombia - Celebrated on November 3rd

The parade on Isla Grande was made up of school children from the local "escuela"

They were dressed to the nines and proud of their part in the band

Young drummers in training

[movie camera illustration] Click here to see video of the parade

[movie camera illustration]

[movie camera illustration] Click here to see more video of the parade

[movie camera illustration]

Chama at sunset

Capt. Mark and Kate

Self Timer Photo "The Crew"

Antonio and Isabelle

Isla Grande - Stray Cat at anchor

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