Adventure Sail to Panama


El Valle de Antón, Coclé Province, Panama


November 8, 2007 - November 10, 2007

Our humble abode at Los Capitanes

The Captain moved to Panama 11 years ago from Germany and built this little get away from the ground up!

Complete with restaurant

Our rental car in front of the Capitan's place

Right outside of our room

The grounds were beautiful with all kinds of flowers and fruit trees

A terrarium which used to house golden frogs is now home to 4 huge iguanas

And a couple of turtles

The larger rooms with 2 double beds

A statue of the Golden Frog, they are indigenous to this area and a symbol of the mountain culture.  Sadly, they have contracted a rare disease that has not been diagnosed and we only found 1 Golden frog in all of El Valle and he didn't even have the black stripes!

The Ping Pong Arena at Los Capitanes

The Banquet Room

The Green Parrots at Los Capitanes

The Flowers on the grounds

The outdoor dining for the restaurant

A stream ran behind the hotel

The Mountains were just behind Los Capitanes and where the hotel sat was called the crater

We stumbled upon Los Pozos - The Hot Springs

Los Pozos were thermal pools heated from the volcano

The composition of the water had been researched and was posted here

The first thing we were offered was a mud facial!

Next it was a hot leg bath, we did not expect any of this and we were admitted for just a dollar a piece

El Nispero - The Zoo!  Notice that foreigners had to pay a dollar extra, we could have passed for locals - NOT!

Some of the millions of plants at the zoo


This way to the ducks and monkeys!

Wood Ducks at the Zoo

The ducks were brilliantly colored!

Macaws at the zoo

Some little gerbils or rats??


These guys were huge!

[movie camera illustration] Click here to see video of the tapir

[movie camera illustration]

[movie camera illustration] Click here to see more video of the tapir

[movie camera illustration]




The Koi (Japanese Gold Fish) pond with no Koi in it

Graffiti on the aloe leaves, we had to join in M&K on the left and Stu on the right

Cock & Roll Rooster

He looked like David Lee Roth

Some of the chickens and roosters had feathers on their feet

[movie camera illustration] Click here to see video of some crazy birds

[movie camera illustration]

[movie camera illustration] Click here to see more video of some crazy birds

[movie camera illustration]



Ostrich giving the evil eye!

He kept biting at the metal gate

The red leaves were stunning

The picture doesn't even do it justice

Wyld Pygz!!

Or Wyld Boars with those teeth



The Black Swan, A.K.A. the ugly duckling all grown up

He was very testy, we thought he was going to attack Mike!

Cisne Blanco or White Swan

Some crazy diving birds!  They went in head first as Mike got close to them





We could hear him growl as Mike took his picture

3 toed sloth

He did not care about anything except for those leaves


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