Sea Bus


1974 Grampian 26' Sailing Sloop


Other names considered:  Blow Me, Big Dinghy, Greta Marie, Adventure Bound, Lil' G (Lil' Grampian), and BarCoca


  • Seen from the starboard side at dock at the Beaufort Town Marina.   Notice the $10 Custom Bimini Top made from our green tarp.  Works just as well as the $2,000 model.
  • Closer view of the stern of the Sea Bus
  • The newly renovated galley, complete with running water, double propane burner, pantry, spice rack, drink holders, towel bar, and under sink storage.  Kate's already whipped up some mean grub in here, and has given it her "Camping Gourmet" Seal of Approval.
  • From the middle of the boat looking towards the back.  This is the small bunk, and the rear starboard side of the boat.  Will be used mainly for storage and organization.
  • This is the Dining Area, Living Room, Office, and Guest Bedroom.  This table folds down and becomes a bed that can sleep two pretty comfortably.  The table is nice and big, so Mike can spread out and get plenty of work done without being cramped too much.  He likes that.
  • Same place, different view.
  • This is the closet.  It's situated between the galley and the main berth in the bow of the boat.  There's a hanger bar and some pretty considerable room in here.  It'll have to be enough.
  • This is the inside of the bathroom door.   The perfect place for the toilet paper roll.
  • This is the head, or toilet.  It works!!!  Not too bad actually, but this one gives you visual privacy only.  No privacy of sound or smell.  Please keep that in mind when visiting.
  • This is the main berth, or "master bedroom".  It's really big for two people, it could almost fit three.  Sleeps really comfortably, and has a hatch directly overhead for more than adequate ventilation.
  • This is the cockpit.  Notice the recently installed fishing pole holders and filet table.  The outboard is a 1999 Nissan 8 hp, which doesn't make us fly, but is reliable, and will run full throttle for 8 hours on only 6 gallons of gas.  We have the capacity for 15 gallons or so on board.  On both sides, there are storage lockers and one side has a built in cooler which we plan to convert to a refrigerator.  We also plan to install a 48" diameter wind generator over the next week or two.  The wind generator, combined with our solar panel, and large battery banks, should give us plenty of power to run the refrigerator and the lights, computers, radios, and water pumps, or most anything else, as long as it is in moderation.
Grampian 26


L.O.A.: 26' 0" (7.92 m)
L.W.L.: 21' 9" (6.93 m)
Beam: 8' 4" (2.54 m)
Draft: (fin) 4' 3" (1.29 m)

Displacement: 5600 lbs. (2540 kg.)
Ballast: 2600 lbs. (1179 kg.)
Sail area: 325 sq. ft. (30.19 mē)

Motor: usually 9.9 hp outboard.
Headroom: 6' 0" (1.83 m)
Berths: 4 to 5
Rating  (PHRF-LO) : 213

Price range: $8,000 to $10,000

The prize for the boat with the best price/size ratio on the used market has to go to the Grampian 26. It is quite easy to come across a Grampian selling for well under $10,000, although you will have to accept the fact that most of these boats were built before 1975. What makes the Grampian such a great deal is its size - it is a BIG twenty-six footer. It has a large cockpit, standing headroom throughout the length of the cabin, and one of the bigger v-berths that can be found on any size production sailboat. And if all this isn't enough, the Grampian 26 is a surprisingly fast boat.

The down side with the Grampian 26 is that they are starting to show their age, and many will probably require some repairs and upgrades. Moreover, they have a "spoon bow", which give the boat a dated appearance, and its cabin has a slightly boxy look about it. The Grampian's main cabin has a dinette arrangement on the port side and a galley along the starboard side, so it does not have all that much lounging space.

by Michael McGoldrick.





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