The Cape Lookout National Seashore

Spring 2005


The sunrise over the Beaufort Inlet and Duke Marine Lab - Taken from the back of the boat

Wave heights - 1cm

Get it the little boat and let's go to the Cape

We saw this guy across from the Lighthouse

The Cape Lookout Light Station - The Lighthouse got a new paint job over the winter

We landed the boat on the beach and went in for some closer pictures of the newly painted Lighthouse

Lindsay and G - Two of our guides for the summer - They both just graduated with their Masters from the Duke Marine Lab - That's why they look so happy

The Keeper's Quarters

We all got to climb the Lighthouse, which is normally not permitted.  This was our second time.

This is the view of the Hook

Anchored in the Bight

The Ocean side view

Looking south towards the Point

The Point is 3 miles south of the Lighthouse

Many kinds of wildflowers grow on the barrier islands

South Core Banks is the island that the Lighthouse sits on

Many buildings remain from the village here - Some local families have had houses on the Cape for over 100 years

This house is locally known as Casa Blanca - People still stay in this house - What a view!

 Some of these were used by the Lighthouse keepers and the US Life Saving Service (the predecessor to the Coast Guard)

Casa Blanca y Pajaro Blanco

Mike thought it was time for a swim - it's already May!

 The Cape is home to many bird sanctuary areas - at the Cape, you'll see flocks of black skimmers, oyster catchers, royal terns, least terns, ibis, willets and more...

 A small whelk

He's got a lot of growing to do

We usually beach the boat on the Spit across from the Lighthouse to search for shells - Kate's new name is Shelly

Two sandollars in hand is better than any bush

Hi Shelly!

A colony of Royal Terns

Littly with the Lighthouse in the background, across the Bight

 We saw this guy on the ocean side on the way back home

Some dolphin found us in the Inlet

A couple of rare "dolphin and wild horse in the same picture" picture

This doesn't suck





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